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Max Cady

Nice messages or words of wisdom might let you in, depending on how smart (or smarmy) you get about the whole thing.
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The move yesterday went partially swimmingly. There were a few things that kind of drove me nutty, in that I was driving down Logan almost in tears and trying desperately to find someone to talk to because I was sad. Why?

Madison didn't feel like it, and this place I've moved into didn't either for the short time I was here, but Harbison did. Harbison felt like home to me. And now I have a new home. The thing is freaking huge, it's like the combined size of the upstairs at Harbison. Here's it in a nutshell Read more...Collapse )

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How to get nauseous, lesson one:

HG Wells' War of the Worlds(I) (C. Thomas Howell)
In this modern retelling of H.G. Wells' sci-fi classic, civilization is laid to ruin when a race of super aliens invades Earth.
Released: 28 June 2005

War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise)
As Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for survival.
Released: 23 June 2005

The War of the Worlds(II) (A Bunch of Nobodys)
The first authentic movie adaptation of the 1898 H.G. Wells classic novel.
This movie completed filming in August 2004, one month before shooting began on The War of the Worlds (2005/I) which is based on the same material.
Released: 14 June 2005 (Straight to DVD)

Were all released in 2005. What the fuck, isn't there a rule against that?
A note: If you're looking around the "HG Wells" version, click the recommendation link. You'll find the other two versions there.
Another note, for those who'd like to read me ranting more about this, Click Here.
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Andrew Floyd

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Writer - filmography

The Horror Movie (announced) (2006)
Phobia (in production) (2005)

Notable TV Guest Appearances

1. "My Life As A Dog" playing "Hockey Official" (uncredited) in episode "All in Your Head" (episode #1.18) February 1996

Composer - Filmography

1. "ZeD"(2002) (credited as "drive[2]", songs "Grind", "Grip") in episode "Zed hits the Peg" March 20, 2003

So, what I'm trying to get you to do is to click that first link to the horror movie journal (thehorrormovie) and add it. More details to come on the current second short film I'm working on with Kent Thomson in a day or a few hours AT THE JOURNAL.
1. Pick 5 movies that mean a lot to you and choose one cap from each movie.
2. Post those caps in your Journal.
3. YOUR FRIENDS HAVE TO GUESS WHICH MOVIES YOU CHOSE! (You don't have to guess all of them, just ones you want.)
4. Kat guessed them all.
5. I'm going to West Hawk. See you soon.
6. Only one left that hasn't been guessed. #3
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and how to convince yourself that it's going to be made.

This update was also posted at the secret writing journal, and cross posted here for memory's sake. This is regarding the current filming process/writing of a script/screenplay/short film that will hopefully be in the works still, by the end of the year.

Working title: Phobia.

Story: One man's journey through a day, living with his fear of ________.

Timeframe: None. Time off booked for writing/finishing/editing/storyboarding/thought processing @ last week of May. Looking for finished script hopefully by end of summer for possible filming in late fall. Not wanting anything too long so far, expecting a 7-10 minute short film.

Writers: Me, Her, anyone with good ideas.

Actors: None. Looking at possibles through friends, possibly having the two writers have bit parts in the background for shits and giggles, but it's strange having friends, most likely for the fact that they either can't act, or won't take it seriously enough.

Filming: Friend from work has filmed before, but we currently have no filming equipment. Will also look into renting equipment on specific days of week when we can all huddle together. That's far in advance.

Editing: Friend from work again, only a different friend, and this one has a computer with the correct software and hardware for what would be called editing of the work, so I'll have to buy him a case of beer, or some cheap drugs.

Screening: If editing friend can make copies of DVD type thing, hopefully, and hand it off to friends of friends, maybe even parents if it doesn't suck. Zed.cbc.ca will host it, maybe even play it on TV. Even farther ahead than filming, but hey, I'm bored at work.

Artwork: Who knows. Have a girlfriend who's great at photography, but what would we want as a cover? Should come later as the actors roll in and the pieces fall together.

- Dropouts are always possible. Depending on who it is, and how much is already done at the time. Replacements are always possible, as we hopefully have enough friends to do things, right? Don't use them for acting, use them for grunt work.

- Weather conditions in Winnipeg are always the most drastic. from 30c summers to -50c winters, if we're getting low on time where winter's concerned, either have to rush the shooting, or turn a possible summer film into a winter one, which wouldn't be so hard, as long as we're not stuck in a week of -50 weather and trying to film short scenes outside that end up requiring half a day, otherwise I'm going to hide in my car.

- Film mess ups aren't possible, they're expected, especially with dialog. We're a bunch of people who haven't even done this kind of thing before, so I'm guessing we'll have a pretty big gag reel.

-Music will be scored by a friend from work (aren't they all so far?), who's said we might end up with the same sounding music as from Ravenous. That's not too bad, as long as we don't break the copyright infringement.

Any other professional help along the way would both be asked for and prodded to join. We have open ears.

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On the way here, I had the worst feeling in my stomach, that I shouldn't be here, that there's another dimension that I should be in, and that everything I've had in me this whole time is working to my advantage there, instead of my disadvantage here. I can't believe that I'm still at this place, nor can I believe that some of the people around these parts have been here so long at such an old age. It's a dead end job that is really sucking me dry, but my worst fear is getting out at the wrong time and leaving everything in the wrong place, etc.

It's killing my art, it's killing my head, it's killing my body and yet, here we are. I feel like it's some terribly shitty dream/drug that I could get out of if I woke up or kept telling myself that "I'm in control", but I'm not. The way this building works is completely different from society. Society (outside) rules just don't work here. It's like an army of jerks pushing around an army of dorks whilst wearing blindfolds.

Also, I'd like to exclaim my dislike for many people on LJ lately, because of purely selfish reasons, the one day per year kind. I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does, because, what is one day per year? That's all I ask. Even forgetting's okay, just as long as it's acknowleded. Maybe I'll er, shut up now. I think my age and my mind are getting too .. out of it for regular daily updates, and I need a safe nucleus, so watch out. The count will get a little lower by tonight. I've removed.

Twenty five in total. You're all fine people, but I need to slow down and catch my breath. Good luck wherever you hit.

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This was written in a blog by a friend of mine about the Junos yesterday:

So yesterday I was working at the Junos. As I was walking around a little girl stopped me.
"How do I get tickets?"
"Tickets for the Junos? We'll they're all sold out that aren't any left."
She looked up a me with this forlorn look, "but I want to meet some stars."
Ah, this was so cute. "Well the only way you would have been able to see some stars you would have had to come here early in the morning and waited with all these people." This was not the answer she was hoping for. "Sorry, even if you did have tickets you wouldn't be able to meet the stars."

This definitely wasn't the answer she wanted. Her face slowly started to turn, I could see that the tears were about to start. What did I say to make her feel better at this point, "Why don't you just go home and email them." Wow, this was so not the right thing to say. She started turning red, my partner at this point started walking away to avoid laughing. Not knowing what else to say to make this situation any worse I said bye and walked away. My partner then turns to me and says, "You truly are a really bad man." So after leaving the poor girl to her tears my partner says to me that I need to sign something from a star and give it to that poor little girl. Now any rational human being at this point would say, no the damage is done let's not make it worse. But I am not a rational person. I grab a Juno card and sign the back from Avril.
I found the little girl again and told her that I had gone backstage and found Avril and told her about the situation, she felt bad and signed this for her. The girl looks up at me and says,
"You met Avril? She was backstage? Is she still there now?",
"Uhh ... well ... sorry I have to go now."
Upon leaving the little girl my partner informs me that Avril isn't here, she couldn't make it to the show, and was performing via sattelite from another country. So now not only did I make the little girl cry I compounded it by lying to her and forging a signature, on top of which she's now going to go to school and show all her friends and they are all going to laugh at her.
I'm going straight to Hell.

Runner up goes to my friend Todd:

[14:13] drunkenrowand: I made out with a girl.
[14:13] de lifte: huh? when was that?
[14:13] drunkenrowand: Saturday night, ooooo yeah
[14:14] de lifte: after work?
[14:14] drunkenrowand: yep. we were at my place, we were lying on my bed watching gargoyle episodes, and then the power went out. she wanted to be entertained, and then it happened
[14:15] de lifte: oh man. that's almost as good as that juno story.

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I have updated my lists of Books/Movies/CDs. Today is one of those kind of days, cleaning up and taking down notes. So behind the cuts are all of them, just incase things go down and I need to keep track of these things for later, you know. This place isn't the best part of the city. If you don't want to read them behind the cut, they're at those links up there. Nothing much other than that to say in life other than I love my roommate, she's fun to be with on strange mushroom type drugs, I still have a bunch of ideas flowing out for my new script with my friend from work, and the lifte blog will be updated soon with a bunch of movie reviews, including one really, really bad one for the movie Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which was a complete and utter disaster. Terrible film-making all around. Now back to the laundry.

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